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On receiving a Visual Arts Board grant in 1979 Peter Leiss studied acting in New York, studying extensively at HB and Gene Frankel Studios under the direction of Rochelle Oliver, Edward Morehouse, Joe Daley, Earl Hymann, Herbert Berghof, James Brick, Sanford Morris and Gene Frankel. Leiss later appeared in numerous plays, films, soaps and TV shows both in the USA and Australia.

On his return to Australia in 1996 Leiss became one of the founding directors of Wax Studios Theatre Company, which produced over 40 productions in three years. Many were critically acclaimed for their progressive and original production value. One of these productions was a dark comedy about Hollywood, ‘What Ever Happened to Rusty Bolts?’ written by Tania Donald & Simon Park. Leiss was the producer of the first production and also played the lead character, Rusty Bolts.

As a writer, he wrote the feature length film script ‘Zach's Labyrinth’, based on the 'Nugan Hand' scandal. He also wrote the play ‘Antarctica Starts Here’, staged in 1999.

In addition to his work in theatre, Leiss is a fine art photographer and has exhibited extensively. His work has been sold at Christies auction house in New York and is represented at the prestigious Bibliotheque Nationale Collection in Paris, along with other international collections. Leiss has lectured in photography and filmmaking at RMIT and CAE. When based in NY, Leiss was an independent freelance stills photographer for film, fashion, architectural and celebrity portraitures.

During his time in the United States, Leiss was also associate producer of Red White & Black Pictures in LA, which specialized in developing feature film projects (1992-93).

His work as a film editor in TV (ABC and HSV7) and film, enabled him to branch out as a writer, actor, photographer and director for training and promotional films for corporations, banks, and many private clients. Leiss has also explored new areas in his own projects, particularly in observational behavioral filmmaking.

Leiss’ collaboration with film director Ian Pringle, producer of Romper Stomper, began in the late 60’s when they successfully produced a number of shorts, along with their first two feature films: ‘Flights’ (1978) and ‘The Cartographer and the Waiter’ (1979). Peter featured in the lead roles in both films.

Since 2001 Peter Leiss has been directing, shooting, writing, editing and producing digital films, for personal projects as well as commissioned works.
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One Person Exhibitions
2005 Truth and Fiction: selections from 13 Series, Gaslight, Melbourne, Australia
2004 Selected images from "Urban Labyrinth II", The Local, Melbourne, Australia
2003 War fever: Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2002 Urban Labyrinth to TV Land: Fad Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2001 The Hill series: images of the Hollywood sign, FAD Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2001 Images from War Fever, Prague & TV Land, TIDE, Melbourne.
1999 Images from War Fever and Prague. SPQR, Melbourne.
1997 Nine Images : Guggenheim Cafe Melbourne, Australia.
1997 Cities : FAD Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1997 Prague : Identification by blood. Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1997 Identification and Other Deceptive Resurrections, Images of Global Cultural Icons : The Continental Cafe, Melbourne, Australia.
1997 The Romper Stomper Series. FAD Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1997 Rituals of a Consumer Age. Wax Studios, Melbourne, Australia.
1995 War Fever: Fifty images of urban America 1992-1994. Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1993 The Romper Stomper Series. Performing Arts Museum, Melbourne, Australia.
1992 The Romper Stomper Series. The Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1989 Images of Stone, Flesh and Steel. Synchronicity Space, New York City, USA.
1988 Regression. The Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1985 Metropolis. Nagase Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
1985 Metropolis. Nagase Photo Gallery, Osaka, Japan.
1983 Metropolis. The Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1978 The Enneagram Series. Pentax/ Brummels Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1976 The Bombay Blues at the Hotel Picnic Madras. The Photographers' Gallery,
1974 Urban Labyrinth. Brummels Gallery of Photography, curated by Rennie Ellis, Melbourne, Australia.


Group Exhibitions
2007 The Five Show, curated by Peter Leiss, FAD Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2005 Defining the Fine Print, The Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2002 SIX, FAD Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2002 The Salon Show, The Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2000, The Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1998 Urban. FAD Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1996 Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition. The Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne Australia.
1996 The FAD Salon Show. Fad Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1994 The Collection. The Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1994 Views of Los Angeles. Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, California, USA.
1994 Merging One Gallery. Santa Monica, California, USA.
1994 The Photographers' Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
1979 The Phillip Morris Collection. Sydney, Australia.
1978 Orientations Gallery, Perth, Australia.
1978 Snaps Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.
1977 The Published Image. Church Street Photographic Center, Melbourne, Australia.

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